Dot W Media

Dot W Media from past to present

Dot W Media grew out of a desire for me to have a website to display stock photography but not wanting to let anyone else do it!
Discovery of the internet in 1998, lead to the building my first website to display my photography to a wider audience. The initial learning curve of websites and digital imaging was something I have no wish to repeat and the original effort resulted in the development of a small general stock photography agency that operated for a few years. 
I soon got frustrated with the day to day running of a business and not being involved in the creative side of things, so decided to close the agency and concentrate on building websites, photography and other multi media projects.

From 2001 to 2016, Dot W Media worked on the design and development of various client websites ranging from artists galleries to ecommerce solutions as well as in-house projects such as Somojo radio and Somojo magazine.

Due to changes in personel circumstances and feeling a 'need' to do something different, I decided to 'retire' from web design & development work and get back to photography and video creation. Having always enjoyed cross processing, experiementing with different film and chemical combinations and mutli-grade printing, the digital landscape being very different from the old darkroom I used to work, producing presets and trying the various software packages available is like being a kid in a sweet shop.

Combing the many years of experience in photography, image processing and web design, the focus for Dot W Media will now be image styling presets, templates and themes designed for photographers and creatives.

In case anyone wonders why I call this little corner of web real estate ‘Dot W’, it’s because on some of the social networks you will find me under ‘kevindotw’ and it seemed like a good idea :-)

Take care,

Kevin dot W