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The story of Dot W Media

Dot W Media grew out of a desire for me to have a website to display stock photography but not wanting to let anyone else do it!
Discovery of the internet in 1998, lead to the building my first website to display my photography to a wider audience. The initial learning curve of websites and digital imaging was something I have no wish to repeat and the original effort resulted in the development of a small general stock photography agency that operated for a few years.
I soon got bored of the day to day running of a business and not being involved in the creative or technical side of things, so decided to close the agency and concentrate on building websites, photography and other multi media projects.

Born in 1961, my first musical memory is dancing around with a plastic toy ‘Beatles’ guitar singing along to ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ which was released in 1963 just before my 2nd birthday.
I was definitely younger than 5 at the time, but isn’t so sure I was 2!

With my first ‘real’ guitar when I was 8 and my first electric guitar when I was 11 ( A red strat ‘o’ like by ‘Klira’ with a trem system that ate strings quicker than you could put them on the guitar, the red was soon replaced after a visit to the local car spare shop with ‘Ford Sahara Beige’ which looked rather neat with the black scratch plate. My early ‘teens’ were spent rebuilding and rewiring various guitars and messing about with multiple ‘reel to reel’ tape decks playing with recording techniques. The dream of working in a recording studio when leaving school was the ambition. It didn’t happen……life had other plans.
Cameras entered into my life when I was 17 and they’ve been a part of it ever since alongside guitars and music.

The 'dotw' blog
I have avoided ‘blogland’ with a passion for many years. The thought of sharing my ‘world’ with strangers has never been something that has appealed to me. I’ve always been more comfortable ‘behind’ the scenes, taking the photographs or mixing the sound, not dancing around the stage in the spotlight.

After many years of exploring the interweb, studying, trying to make sense of it all, I find myself in a position where sometimes I have things to say, things that may be of some use to someone.

I could have started putting all this on one of the various ‘MyFaceBoBlogNet’ web sites, but just in the off chance that people find this small piece of internet real estate and start to read it, I wasn’t going to point ‘my’ audience in the direction of another business and give them more traffic for them to make more advertising income from.

What will you find here?
My interests and day to day work are pretty much intermingled. I’m lucky in that I get to ‘do’ most of my hobbies every day while working and if, like me, you are into Art, Film, Music, Photography and web stuff, there will be something at some time that may be worth reading. Articles that may inspire you, help you, make you think, make you smile, laugh or possibly cry. Who knows?

In case anyone wonders why I call this little corner of web real estate ‘dot W’, it’s because on some of the social networks you will find me under ‘kevindotw’ and it seemed like a good idea :-)

Thanks for taking a look.

Take care,