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Does the internet make us stupid?

The internet is a great source of information for everyone who cares to look beyond their ‘social networking’ profiles and the first page of search results, but I’m beginning to think it is also making a lot of people act on ‘auto’ pilot.

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Round and round in circles

Another weekend bites the dust and yet again I read numerous blog entries aimed at independent & DIY musicians with advice on how to use the internet for promotion and marketing.
Surprise, surprise, nothing new!

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Wanna be a shop keeper?

If you wonder around the internet long enough, you’ll find lots of examples of why people think the internet and digital technology is good or bad. Depending on the background that opinion comes from, you’ll most times be able to ‘guess’ if the writer is for or against the digital world.

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I’ve never been able to understand why that on some days inspiration is as rare as hen’s teeth and on other days I can’t stop the ideas entering my head.

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