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Do you ever wish for the good old days?
The days before mobile phones, computers and the internet?
If you’re in a particular age group you probably don’t know what life is without this technology, so that would be a silly question!

I remember those days. I remember the first video recorder I had, (the remote was attached by cable) the times when if you called someone and they didn’t answer the phone, you tried again later. Makes me feel old thinking about, it wasn’t really that many years ago.

I have no wish to live in those times again, I love what I can do with my computer and with the oodles of information available at my finger tips on the internet, I can sit for hours filling my head with information I didn’t know I needed to know!

With all these great advances in technology and communications, I still get baffled at how people use it.

What is the fascination with the number of ‘friends’ you have on a particular social network?

If you are a business, does the number of ‘friends’ directly increase your sales or just give you a bigger list of people to spam with a sales message?

How do you know that you’re spamming the right people?

There are reports about difference demographics using different networks. Have you read these reports?

Are you on the right network for your product or service?

Do you have the time, resources and desire to change your thinking if you find you could be better served else where?

After all, it could mean starting from scratch with no ‘friends’ as you make the transition. Would that affect your immediate sales?

I know there are too many networks out there for most people or businesses to actively be involved with all them at any one time. But maybe it’s worth taking half a day to look around at some options, think differently for a while.

The worst thing that will happen is you’ve wasted a few hours looking to expand your business. On the other hand you might just find something that works better for you in the long term.