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Do you use MySpace?
No, I didn’t ask if you had a MySpace page, I asked if you ‘use’ MySpace and I don’t mean having a profile and directing people to it as your ‘official’ website, which is another thing I wouldn’t recommend, more about that later.

So what do I mean by ‘use’ MySpace?
Well, firstly it depends on how you see your MySpace page. I have a page for Somojo and as far as I’m concerned it’s just a digital business card.
What I’ve discovered on MySpace, is that when I change the ‘profile name’ of the Somojo page, I get different people and businesses contacting me. (I haven’t found if there is a way to see what people are searching for on MySpace, which would be helpful, but if I do I’ll let you know.)
If I am looking for more artists/bands who want to be my ‘friend’, then ‘Somojo radio & Somojo Magazine’ works best, some of the other options I have tried are ‘Somojo, the creative arts playgound’, ‘Somojo radio and magazine’ and ‘Somojo Magazine and radio’.

This is applicable to any business or band or MySpace. You can often see ‘Now on itunes’ or ‘Looking for gigs’ next to names, but are they going to be things that people actually search or look for?
Yes, it does make easier for the ‘friends’ you already have in the system to see what you’re up to, but surely the point of being in ‘business’ is to get new customers and keep them.

If you’re in a band or a solo artist, you are still a ‘business’, your music is your ‘product’ and your fans are ‘customers’.

It takes more time to think of what might work for you than it does to change it.
Give it a go, see what happens.