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Open your favourite web browser, go to your favourite search engine and look for ‘Social Networks’ and you’ll get 1,000,000s of results.
Search for a network that covers a specific interest ‘photography social network’, or ‘music social network’ and the results are equally staggering.

The reason that got me thinking about this, was that I’ve been spending some time recently ‘deleting’ accounts on networks that were not doing anything for me. Rather than try to keep them all updated, I looked to see what had happened on each one over the last 6 months and if nothing worthwhile had happened, I zapped it!
I started to think that maybe it’s better to have a good strong ‘core’ number of networks that I use rather than having loads of accounts that I ignore.
Is it the same for your business?

Regardless of if I’m using a ‘network’ to promote a project or promote one of my own websites or domains, I’ve always looked at these as my ‘sales’ team. If you run a business and have staff working for you, each has a job to do. You possibly wouldn’t keep them employed if they didn’t bring anything of benefit to your business.
If you look at the networks and websites you maintain in the same way, you’ll probably see that some out perform others in the benefit they bring to your business. If this is the case, then why not drop the less helpful ones and find some new networks to develop over the next few months.
It can help give a new momentum if you’re stuck in a rut.
It gives you some ‘free’ promotion in a new area rather than repeating the same message to the same audience.
You also the benefit of being the new kid in class, which may bring in some good long-term contacts and fans.
There may be some argument for keeping ‘another’ web page up for search engines and you may have a few friends on a network you might be that isn’t doing to well, but are they really helpful to you?
If you don’t want to ‘delete’ anything, go in and add a message to say you’ve moved the profile and put in the address for your new one. That way you can see if anyone does actually visit you there. If they do they have hopefully followed you, if they don’t, what have you lost?

At the very least it gives you a new page to ‘promote’ on your existing favourite networks.
Nothing more boring from a friend or fans point of view, than seeing the same old url and ‘Follow me on…..’ message on Twitter or MySpace day after day.