Dot W Media

While working on ideas and developing it’s always a challenge to know what will work, what people will like and what people might use.

There isn’t a big team of developers working on the latest ‘widget’or web ‘plugin’, it’s just me listening to the bands and users and their suggestions and seeing what I can do with my limited ‘skill’ set.
I read a lot about ‘mobile’ internet and this being the way forward, but will it happen?

When I first started getting interested in the internet and web design, back in the days when graphics were animated .gifs and flash was a ‘new’ technology from Macromedia and we had dial-up connections, there was a big ‘buzz’ about the future of the internet.
Everyone would have a broadband connection, all watching movies online and everything being interactive. These were the days before ‘Flash’ became a standard way to do things and one of the options at the time was ‘SMIL’ (pronounced ‘smile’)
I put in the hours learning ‘SMIL’ and loved what it can do. I admit I don’t know much about ‘flash’ but I think some things that can be done with ‘SMIL’ that you can’t do with ‘flash’.
'SMIL’ for the moment seems to have been relegated to the world of mobile phones.
The problem is that what people thought would happen, didn’t.

We now have the new audio/multimedia formats MusicDNA and Apples iTunes Lp, although the later isn’t aimed at mobile devices.
It will be interesting to see if either of these formats or another new format CMX or the format being developed by MXP4 will rise to the top.

More importantly for the independent and unsigned artists, is how ‘usable’ will these formats be?
It’s relatively easy to record a track and convert to any of the existing formats generally in use today.
If any these new formats mean specialist hardware, software or new skills to produce them, will this put independent and unsigned artists at a disadvantage?
With the added multimedia content that these new formats can include, will consumers begin to expect this also from independent and unsigned artists?
With the iTunes Lp format, will Apple only accept these from the major record labels, leaving the independent artists out in the cold?

Many people complain about the audio quality of the mp3 file and although there are better options from a quality point of view, they haven’t caught on.

Will any of the other new formats displace the mp3?