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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to tidy up and reorganise my profiles on various social networking sites. A lot of my profiles have been deleted due to my over zealous creation of profiles on everything I could find and accepting every invitation that had been sent to me over the last 18 months.

In some ways it was a bit like the ‘how many friends’ can I get on MySpace, my attitude had been how many profiles can I have?
The problem, was that having so many I couldn’t keep them updated and most of them were just duplicates of other networks.
Total waste of time and energy.
It’s fine reading reports and blogs about the need to use ‘social’ networks to promote business and products, but I know people who don’t use them at all and do perfectly well, the same as I know people who use them who are struggling.
Like anything with business, it is how you use the tools that matters, just because they are there doesn’t mean you ‘have’ to use them.

I’ve been watching some videos and reading reports about social networking and how to use them effectively for your business and the one thing that is very obvious to me is that they seem to be aimed at an American audience. Some of it just doesn’t make any sense or is totally irrelevant to me, being based in the UK. We do things differently and mostly have a different business mindset.
Virtually every video I’ve seen about social networking has mentioned Facebook. I know it’s popular but a quick look at this list
and you will see some other social networks that are big in Europe and other parts of the world outside of the USA.
If you’re not in the USA and have a business or some music to promote, try something different.

The one thing that has been a common thread on everything I’ve read and seen about social networking is the recommended time that it is suggested you spend each day on developing your networks. It has always been one hour a day. Either one hour in the evenings or 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at the end of the day. Sometimes it takes me more than an hour just to respond to the emails that need dealing with from the sites I’m on.
So I’m either on too many or I shouldn’t be responding to them all, but it would be rude to ignore them and that isn’t very social is it?