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The internet is a great source of information for everyone who cares to look beyond their ‘social networking’ profiles and the first page of search results, but I’m beginning to think it is also making a lot of people act on ‘auto’ pilot.

I’ve recently been re-thinking my web ‘strategy’, deleting profiles, ‘unfacebooking’ people who I don’t know personally but insist on sending me tons of spam.

One of the ‘networks’ that I recently looked into for business is ‘BT Tradespace’.
More of a business network than personal but you can ‘befriend’ or ‘fan’ a business!
Why would anyone want to be a ‘fan’ of a business they have never done any business with?
To me this is just a simple case of using a ‘term’ that BT think most people will be comfortable with and understand it’s usage, no matter how ‘wrong’ the terminology is.

Even on ‘Facebook’ you have ‘fan’ page for a business!
Either the developers are too stupid to think of another descriptive term, not capable of adding another section to differentiate from ‘band and sports’ fans to business ‘contacts’ or they think we are all too stupid to know the difference.

So to all you social network developers out there, like most people, I have ‘friends’ who are real that I spend time with, ‘friends’ who I know via the internet, business contacts, associates and clients.
I don’t want to be a ‘fan’ of all of them and I don’t want to then have to create ‘groups’ to put them all into the little boxes.
It may be easier for you to work this way, but we aren’t all stupid, we do know the difference between being a ‘fan’, ‘friend’, ‘client’ and ‘associate’ even if you don’t!

The more I use the internet, the more I find I don’t want to.
Am I alone?