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For a while now, something has been ‘bugging’ me with all the stuff I’ve read on the internet about online marketing and promotion. I haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly what was missing.

I know the people who write the articles are either trying to help or sell their own product, but there was something more that I wasn’t seeing.

It hit me late last night while I was working on ‘auto pilot’ setting up a ton of MySql databases for a large project I’m currently working on.

In all of the articles that I’ve read, there is an assumption that because you are reading it on the internet, you are ‘savvy’ enough to use social networking, understand the ins and outs of Twitter and have the time and desire to learn the required skills.

You could question why would anyone want to read about internet marketing if they don’t understand the technology and how to use it, but that isn’t the point. There are loads of people and small businesses out there who would love to use the internet as a marketing tool, but don’t know how to.

I have friends who can send emails, they also have websites to promote their work, but know next to nothing about using the social networks to their advantage.

There also seems to be the assumption that ‘one size fits all’ which can never be true in any marketing or promotional campaign.

We all ‘want’ different things and ‘expect’ different results. These two can often be so far apart it’s unreal.

Unless we are realistic in what we are capable of with our abilities, no matter how much online marketing we do, we could be very disappointed with the end results.