Dot W Media

After much thought I've decided to retire from web design & development and concentrate my efforts on projects that don't require so many hours sitting at a desk, coding and keeping up to date with the latest web trends.

I had only originally intended to do a website for my stock photography, but one thing lead to another and I've been working on personal projects and clients websites for the last few years and to be honest, I've become bored with it.
I love the solving of problems, getting things to work and figuring out the 'How to's', but I miss taking my camera for a walk, being outside, travelling and discovering.

So from now on, I'll be putting my efforts into taking pictures, shooting video and creating add-ons and plugins for imaging and video software packages.
The website will remain, being the main outlet for the items I produce, along with articles, tips and tricks of how to use them.

To start with, I'll take my years of photographic processing, digital imaging and video production experience, add some software and start with a collection of imaging styling presets for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop ACR.

LUTs will be along in the near future and possibly presets for other imaging software.

Watch this space!