Dot W Media

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC splash screen 

Installing Lightroom presets

1. After you have downloaded the presets ZIP-file, extract them to a folder in your computer.
2. Open Lightroom, Click on Develop Tab (d)
3. Go to the left column and select the Presets section and expand it.
4. Right click on any subfolder inside the presets section, and select “new folder”.
5. A new window will open and you can name the new folder, such as ”Dot W Presets” .
6. Select the new folder inside the presets section and right click (pc) or control click (mac), select “import”
7. A new window will open and you can browse your computer for the folder that contains the unzipped presets, you can choose all that you want to import.
8. Select the required presets from the folder, click import, and the Lightroom Presets are installed and ready to enhance and inspire your image processing.