Dot W Media

Originally an idea because we couldn't fit everything we wanted to on the Somojo radio station site, Somojo Magazine is quickly becoming a unique project in it's own right. Featuring interviews with musicians, photographers, authors, painters and film makers with competitions and reviews the is something for everyone who has an interest in the creative arts playground.

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dotw media involvement with

Work directly with promoters, independent record labels, artists, film makers, photographers, designers.

Organise the interviews and music reviews.

Design, edit and write content for the pdf editions of Somojo Magazine.

Add regular news items and stories to the Somojo Magazine website.

Promote the interviews and other content on social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Design and implement changes to the website.

Some of the comments we have recieved,

Thank you, Somojo has been fantastic for us - The Beat Rats

Wow, looks great!!! - Alice Sweet Alice

Looks awesome! - Jordan Galland

Everything looks awesome! Thanks a LOT! - TRM

The issue looks awesome, I love it. - Ben Gebo

Awesome!!! - 22nd Century

It looks great - Amie Penwell

Amazing! Very, very cool. - Curtis Don Vito, SNEW